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Vegetarian Entree & Burger Mixes

TVP Burger Mixes

Tova's new line of Vegetarian Burger Mixes eliminate the need for costly freezer space, and the waste inherent to the use of frozen patties. Our Burger Mixes can be kept in dry storage for up to two years, and with just the addition of water, you can quickly respond to customer needs on your serving line, with a hearty and tasty "burger". Tova's Burger Mixes also make a great starter for meatloaf, casseroles, taco filling, pizza toppers, appetizers, stews and anything else that calls for ground meat.

Available in the following flavors: Original, Italian, Mexican, Cajun, BBQ, Mediterranean.

TVP Entree Mixes

To complement our new line of Vegetarian Burger Mixes, we are offering several new Vegetarian Entree Mixes. These "meals in a pouch" incorporate several types and sizes of textured vegetable protein to give them the look and mouthfeel of the meat they are designed to replace. Tova's sauce and noodle or rice combinations complete these hearty and pleasing entrees. Please keep in mind that we will be adding several new entrees in the near future, so inquire often about new products. If you have a specific type of entree you would like, please let us know and we will be happy to develop it for you.

Available in the following styles: Chili, BBQ, Sloppy Joe, Spaghetti Sauce, "Beef" Stroganoff, "Beef" w/Noodles, "Chicken" w/Rice, "Chicken" Ala-King, "Beef" Stew, "Chicken" w/Noodles, "Chicken" w/Vegetables.

Both types of products are available in several pack sizes including 48/8 oz pouches, 9/1.25# pouches and 25 lb bags.

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