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Custom Formulation

As one of the leading dry food manufacturers, our ability to create new products for a specific application or take your concept and turn it into a viable product, has been the backbone of our continued growth.

When you contact us with your needs for a specific application or a new concept, you will be receiving the combined experience of our entire staff, from the President to the production floor.

Our sales staff will listen to your needs and ideas and work with you to define a set of specific goals the product needs to achieve. We will also work with you to develop the packaging for the product, either foodservice or retail.

Once defined, your project will be turned over to our Research and Development Department, who, in their fully equipped lab and under the watchful eyes of the President, Vice-President and Sales Department, will develop the product in accordance with the parameters defined by you.

Once you have reviewed the project and determined it is right for your situation, we will finalize price, delivery and lead time.

While there are many steps on the road to a finished product, our ability to quickly turn projects around will make that road as short as possible.

Contact our Sales Department and let us show you how we can solve your application problems or bring your product concept to fruition.

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