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Frozen Dessert Mixes

All of Tova's Frozen Dessert Mixes have been developed for use in soft-serve machines with only the addition of water. Just imagine, no more wasted liquid mix because it went sour in your cooler before it could be used. These items are stored in your dry storage areas and mixed when needed. All products carry a 6 month or 1 year shelf life.

All of our Frozen Dessert Mixes are available in a wide variety of mouth watering flavors.

Smoothie Mixes

One of the fastest growing segments in the market today. HUGE profit potential!!! Also available in an All Natural variety.

Yogurt Mixes

Without a doubt, one of THE BEST Frozen Yogurt Mixes on the market today. These low-fat, high flavor mixes will be loved by the most discriminating customer.

Soft-Serve Mixes

High quality without the high price.

Non-Dairy Soft-Serve Mixes

Fast becoming a very popular product in foodservice settings where patient needs or religious preferences preclude the use of dairy ingredients.

Sorbet Mixes (Sherbert Base)

Designed for the Specialty Frozen Dessert industry, these mixes are sweetened with Aspartame and are low-fat.

Italian Ice Mixes

These mixes deliver a HUGE flavor impact and are low-fat!

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