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Dietary Products

While healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, most providers are looking for ways to reduce costs without reducing patient comfort. To this end, Tova Industries is proud to introduce you to a line of dietary products designed to meet the nutritional requirements of patient feeding, WITHOUT the loss of patient enjoyment.

If you have a special requirement or product you do not see here, please inquire and we will be glad to help

    Low Fat Meat Alternative Burger Mixes & Entrees

    Low Sodium, No-MSG Soup Bases

    Low Sodium, No-MSG Soup Mixes

    Fat-Free Soup Mixes

    Low Sodium, No-MSG Gravy Mixes

    Low Sodium, No-MSG Sauce Mixes

    Sugar-Free Gelatin Mixes

    Sugar- Free Beverage Mixes

    Sugar-Free Pudding Mixes

    Sugar-Free Mousse Mixes

    Sugar-Free Cheesecake Mix

    Sugar-Free Whip Topping Mix

    Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Cake Mixes

    Sugar-Free Icing Mixes

    Low Calorie Salad Dressing Mixes

    No-Oil Salad Dressing Mixes

    Sugar-Free Custard Mixes

    Instant Food Thickeners

    Low Fat Frozen Dessert Mixes

    Non-Dairy Soft-Serve Mixes

    Salt-Free Seasonings

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