Carbquik Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake


2 1/3 cups Carbquik
1/2 cup Carb Countdown milk
3 tbsp. Splenda
3 tbsp. melted butter

Strawberry Shortcake



Slice up a bunch of strawberries, place in a tupperware container and splash with DaVinci\\'s SF Vanilla Syrup and about 1/4 cup of water. Let the berries soak for as long as possible. You can even mash some up to make it more syrupy like the frozen kind you get at the store.


Preheat oven to 375.
Mix all ingredients together and either divide into 6 mini shortcakes or bake as one big shortcake. I made one big one in a cake tin (just make a mound on a sprayed pan) and baked for about 20 min. at 375. Less time will be needed for individual cakes. If they start browning too quickly, cover loosely with foil.
Serve with the berries and syrup, whipped cream, and lc vanilla ice cream if you\\'d like. The shortcake is on the dry side, like any shortcake, so the juice from the strawberries is nice to moisten it up, so ladle it on and enjoy!

This recipe contributed by: 5cats4me (Low Carb Friends)

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