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What is it?

What is it?
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What is Carbquik™?

Carbquik™ Baking Mix is a revolutionary baking mix for everyone counting carbs. It's made from wheat so it tastes like flour, try it and you'll see that it tastes as good or better than the leading brand, with 90% less carbs!

What can I make with Carbquik™?

Carbquik will work in almost any recipe calling for traditional bake mix. It can be used in pancakes, biscuits, waffles, pizzas, and just about any other baked product. You can even fry with it (don't try that with other low-carb bake mixes). Don't know what to make with Carbquik™? Click here for a complete list of recipes. And it tastes so great, you'd never guess it was low carb.

What makes Carbquik™ better than other bake mixes?

Most low-carb bake mixes are made from soy, giving them gritty textures and soy aftertastes. Since Carbquik™ is made from wheat, products made with it taste just like products made using flour or other bake mixes. It's even lower in sodium and calories than the leading full-carb mix! Not only that, but most Carbquik™ recipes have 3 net carbs or less per serving!

So how expensive is Carbquik™?

Not expensive at all! While other low-carb products will cost you an arm and a leg, Carbquik™ is meant to be affordable. Not only do we think it's the healthiest and tastiest low-carb bake mix on the market, but it's also one of the lowest priced!

Where can I find Carbquik™?

For a complete list of online and in-store retailers where you can find it, click here.