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What is it?

What is it?
Nutrition Info
Where can I find it?

Nutrition information for Carbquik mug cakes can be found here.

Nutritional FAQ:

Does Carbquik™ contain trans fatty acids?

No. Carbquik does not contain any Hydrogenated Oils or Trans Fats.

What is enzyme-enriched wheat?

Enzyme-enriched wheat is one of the innovations that make Carbalose™ and Carbquik™ so unique. Through a proprietary process, we combine wheat products with enzymes to create a flour-like product with minimal carbohydrates. This creates a product with the taste and properties of wheat flour without the carbs.

Can I Trust Your Nutrition Information?

Yes. Unlike many "low-carb" products, we have submitted Carbquik™, in both dry and baked form, to two independent food labs: Microbac Laboratories and Silliker Laboratories. The results are reflected on our nutrition panel.


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