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Tova Industries, LLC was established in 1985 as a manufacturer, packer and distributor of dry food products. With a philosophy of high quality, low cost manufacturing techniques, and based on proprietary formulas and processes, Tova has established a reputation for responsiveness and a "can do" attitude with its customers. As a result, Tova has been recognized both locally and nationally as one of the fastest growing private companies in the country. Specifically, BUSINESS FIRST magazine ranked Tova as the fastest growing private company in the Louisville Metro Area and INC. magazine, in their annual INC. 500, ranked Tova as one of the fastest growing private companies in the country for three consecutive years.


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Tova has once again passed the AIB Certification with a SUPERIOR rating!

New Developments from our lab...
º Gluten-free mixes
º New & improved line of add-water-only puddings and salad dressings
º Dietary Entrees - Vegan - Microwaveable

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